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"If you can dream it, we can 'Crete it."

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Houston's Premier Decorative Concrete Designers

Rugged Concrete Design of Houston, LLC offers beautiful alternative styles to compliment your residential or commercial property for both interior & exterior flooring applications. 

The art of decorative concrete has become a passion for us as craftsman. Decorative concrete flooring has allowed us to bring new and creative finishes to our clients that have dramatic and impressive results. The possibilities are endless. Each completed project is a unique work of art suited specifically to the needs of each and every client. Our commitment to excellence has resulted in us being the leading choice for decorative concrete flooring in Katy, Texas and the greater Houston area.

It is our mission to not only meet, but exceed your expectations.

We offer a variety of services that can be tailored to any standard or budget. 

A few of our services include: 

Stained Concrete

  • acid stain

  • eco stain

  • color dyes

  • antiquing

Concrete Coatings​​

  • epoxy coatings

  • ​​metallic epoxy

  • epoxy flake

  • tinted sealers

  • ​concrete paints


  • stamped concrete

  • ​decorative overlays

  • microtoppings

C​oncrete Countertops

Concrete Scoring

  • concrete repair

  • ​power washing

  • clean/degrease

  • ​surface preperation

  • ​joint replacement

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  • Rugged Resurfacing

    Rugged Concrete Design Reviews

     The decorative concrete industry has experienced a incredible rise in popularity over the last decade as home owners, builders, designers, and architechs alike have come to realize the tremendous value of decorative concrete floors. Also driving this trend are the inovative contractors and artisans who consistently raise the bar with high quality craftsmanship and creative approaches.

    ...And that's what really gets us fired up.

    If you're still not fired up about decorative concrete than consider the advantages decorative concrete floors have over traditonal flooring materials.

    Health Benefits

    For those unfortunate people that suffer from allergies, concrete floors can be a great option. Dirt and debris can make their way into carpets with ease, but concrete floors are ideal for people dealing with allergies on a daily basis.

    Environment & Sustainability

    Decorative concrete coatings applications have critical importance in green construction projects. Unlike conventional wall and floor coverings, they contribute less to near-zero VOC emissions. Dust particles are easily removed from their surfaces, and protective coatings provide good waterproofing, inhibiting harmful bacterial growth and maintaining good indoor air quality.

    In most cases a concrete subfloor already exists beneath another flooring material in grade and below grade locations. That means that installing a concrete floor is actually just uninstalling anything that has been placed over it. Because no new material is produced, there is no carbon footprint or depletion of resources.

    Energy Efficiency

    They support energy efficiency efforts, because of their ability to maintain comfortable inner temperatures in the building and in turn reducing the use of HVAC systems. Many of these coatings are also designed for light-reflectivity, preventing the production of “heat island” effect by warding off the sun’s rays and reducing temperatures.

    Unlimited Design Potential

    Concrete floors are no longer thought of as gray and boring. Decorative concrete is an incredibly popular choice bescause it can be so naturally colored that it blends seamlessly with other elements in a room - oftentimes, you don't even realize it's a concrete floor you're standing on! While stains are the most common, other coloring options for flooring include painting, dying and the application of tinted sealers. With decorative overlays any style, design, texture, and color scheme can be completely customized to achieve any look you should desire.


    Compared to other flooring options, installing a decorative concrete floor can be quite cost-effective and carries a comparable price tag to linoleum, vinyl, ceramic tile or carpet. Furthermore, the lifetime cost of a concrete floor is very low because they require little upkeep and last for years.


    Concrete flooring is extremely tough and resilient, and difficult to damage. High heals, furniture legs, and pet claws will not scratch the surface. You also don't have to worry about damage from most dropped items.


    A sealed and properly maintained concrete floor can last indefinitely. Even in commercial applications it can survive under high traffic conditions for years to come. This saves you money, while also preventing the hassle of having to get new flooring installed periodically.

    Low Maintenance

    Keeping a concrete floor looking its best will only require a minimum amount of maintenance. When properly sealed concrete floors can be cleaned with a quick pass of a dust mop. For an occasional deep clean a neutral cleaner and water can be used. The frequency of maintenance is dependent on the amount of traffic the floor receives.  Restaurants and businesses with considerable foot traffic may want to use a sacrificial floor wax in addition to a sealer to further protect from abrasion.​​

    Custom Seamless Commercial and Residential Concrete Flooring:

    • Retail Stores

    • Hospitality: Hotels – Exhibition Halls

    • Educational: Schools – Universities

    • Medical: Offices – Hospitals – Clean Rooms

    • Office Buildings

    • Hotels &and Casinos

    • Expansive Shopping Malls

    • Automobile Dealerships Showrooms

    • Restaurants: Dining Areas – Kitchens

    Decorative Finishes and Surface Restoration:

    • Interior or Exterior

    • Driveways

    • Patios

    • Pool Decks

    • Sidewalks

    • Courtyards

    • Parking Garages

    • Sport Arenas

    • Golf Course Paths

    High-Performance, Abrasion and Chemical-Resistant Industrial Concrete Flooring:

    • Manufacturing Facilities

    • Warehouses and Storage

    • Professional and Collegiate Sports Arenas

    • Aircraft Hangars

    • Service Bays

    • Clean Rooms

    • Food Service and Storage Areas

    • Manufacturing Facilities

    • Cold-Storage Areas

    • Chemical Containment Areas

    • Parking Decks

    • Grocery Store Chains

    • Fire Departments

    • Correctional Facilities

    • Medical/Veterinarian

    • Municipal Buildings

    • Parking Garages